Abie and Mike in Florida

Herbie Cox, Mike

Mike, Jimmy and Larry Chance

Earl "Speedo" Carroll, Mike

Huey Lewis,Mike

Jimmy Clanton, Mike

The Passoins, Mike

Mike, Bill Clinton

Mike, Clay Cole, Ken Held

Mike, Bill Clinton

Mike, Mickey B

Carl Gardner, Mike

Passions: Albie, Jimmy, Lou with Mike

Marty, Clay Cole, Mike, Sandy AND Howie

Mike, Johnny Mathis

Mike, Jay Siegel

Mike, J.T. Carter

George Galfo's Mystics

Mike, Dee Dee Kennebrew-Crystals

Mike, Clay Cole

Mike, Cousin Bruce Morrow

Mike, Phil Cracolici-Mystics, Paulette

Mike, Little Peggy March

Jay Reincke,Jay and The Americans, Mike

Mike, Mr. T

Harmony Street

Mike,Darlene Love


Mike, Pat Riley-Knicks-Lakers

Mike, Lou Christie

Larry Chance, Mike

Terry Johnson, Theresa Trigg
Flamingoes, Mike

Belmonts, Mystics

Emile Stuccio, Mike

Fabian, Mike, Frankie Avalon

Shirley Alston Reeves, Mike

Hal Jackson, Don K. Reed, Mike

Jimmy Beaumont, Mike

Johnny Maestro, Mike

Dion, Mike

Bobby Rydell, Mike

Eugene Pitt, Mike

Bobby Vali, Mike

Mike, Freddie Cannon

Johnny Ruffin, Charlie Thomas,-Drifters, Mike
Ellen, Robin-Harmony Street

Herb Reed, Mike

Bobby Jay, Mike

Mike,Ron McPhatter

La La Brooks, Mike

Mike, Don K Reed

Lenny Welch, Mike

Mike, Artie Kornfeld

Bill Clinton puts squeeze on Robin, Mike

Broward Center

The Capris with Nicky Santo

The Dubs

Eddie Mekka-Mike

Mike, Paulette, & Family

Bobby Feldman, Mike

Mike, Frank Mancuso

Hector Camacho, Mike

Harmony Street with Ron Palillo

Billy Godwin of The Ink Spots, Mike

Mike, Tommy Mara

Mike, Buck Martinez

Jimmy Gallagher, Mike

Joey Dee, Mike

Mike, Rick Dempsey

Joe McCoy-WCBS-FM V.P., Mike

Mike, Sylvester Stallone

Whitey Ford, Mike